Immersive Experience

The location-based mobile app that utilizes geo-trigger technology and AR to help tourists and first-time visitors navigate in the location and engage with the AR experience in a way that enriches their experience

Augmented Reality Tours

Our interactive directory sends notifications based on geofenced areas, delivering content like text, images, videos, links, location, and AR experiences to our users. This enhances their visiting experience and provides them with a unique perspective on the location they are visiting

Navigate the right way

Visitors need to be aware of the historical information and stories related to the location. Our app anticipates their expectations and delivers the right information at the right location to ensure they have a memorable experience.

Powered by AI. Designed for you

Get a unique contextual perspective and discover the stories behind the places you visit, making your visit even more enriching and unforgettable, utilizing Ai,Ml and Geo-AR to bring each location to life.

Geo-AR Experience and Navigation

Providing a range of AR experiences that add to the excitement of your visit. From historical reenactments to interactive storytelling.

GeoTriggered contextual content

We sends you notifications based on your location. These notifications include text, images, video, links, and even AR experiences, providing you with a wealth of information about the places you're visiting.

interactive directory listing

Each place in our directory have a story to tell, navigate your way as a local.

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